Keno is a game with history, from its legendary past in China to its rapid adaption through Australian pubs and clubs. Many players still think that keno is a game played by the old and that there is no winning strategy outside of the luck. That is not the case, and in this article we’ll share with you how to win at Keno with 6 tips that actually work. Keno is a top-rated game among gamblers, fans of bingo, number games and lotteries, but did you ever consider that a game which is ‘lottery like’ in nature does have a unique strategy that players use in choosing their lucky numbers on the road to riches?

Playing keno is like playing the lotto, except it is enjoyable and can be used (at least in a physical sense) as a social game over dinner or drinks. If you are reading this, we gather that this isn’t your first rodeo, you know how keno works. What you want are tips that actually work to increase your chances of a big payday.

Keno is underrated, and contrary to what the widespread consensus is, you CAN use strategy to win keno and boost your chances.

Whether you know it or not, casinos don’t want you winning (if you don’t remember this where have you been?). We’re not going to trick you with this guide; there is no early 2000’s Melbourne gangland hack that will give you a guaranteed jackpot on Keno. This guide doesn’t have a fancy marketing name, and we certainly haven’t gone Moneyball (such a great movie) on you and sifted through the data of thousands of games of online keno to find percentages. It would be a cool idea, but our weekends are for family and Sunday rec league football (sorry!).

This guide is simple, it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and it won’t get you banned from keno. Here’s 6 tips that actually work to give you a better suck of the sauce bottle when you are next playing keno.

1.   Choose an online casino with great games and the best payouts

Pick an online casino that has the best keno games, but also has the biggest payouts. It might seem obvious, but it just doesn’t click with everyone. It is said that once you have picked an online casino or have your favourite game, don’t forget to check the paytables for the game that has the best payouts.

Make sure to look at the payout tables for each keno game that the casino offers, as not all games have the same payouts for picking the numbers that are selected. Daunting at first, but once you take a look at the table below you will be put at ease, and this will make it even easier to understand one of the number of selection tips later on.

Online Keno payout tables will look like this

No. of selected picks No. that get drawn and payout
One One 1 to 1
Two One 1 to 1, two 9 to 1
Three One 1 to 1, two 9 to 1, three 16 to 1
Four One 0.5 to 1, two 2 to 1, three 6 to 1, four 12 to 1
Five One 0.5 to 1, two 2 to 1, three 3 to 1, four 15 to 1,
five 50 to 1
Six One 0.5 to 1, two 1 to 1, three 1 to 1, four 3 to 1, five30 to 1, six 75 to 1

These payouts are considered to be standard payouts. However, there are a lot of online casinos that offer great bonuses and promotions for playing keno with them. Don’t waste your time playing keno online with these casinos, as most times the payouts are far less – which is why the bonuses are so enticing.

2.   The sweet spot is between seven and eleven picks

Pick one, pick five, or quick picks, it can be tricky to know just how many picks you should be making.  If you don’t study the payout tables, then you don’t know how many picks you need to get right to break even.

There is a sweet spot in your picks.

Have a look once more at the payout tables above. Notice how picks one through to three all need the same number of correct picks to break even i.e. one. It makes sense to make three picks instead of one because as long as you get one right, you will get your money back while at the same time having a chance to get nine times or 16 times on your three picks.

However, wait for it.

The same concept applies to higher number picks too. For example, choose anywhere between seven and eleven picks, and you will only need to get three correct picks to break even. What is silly is that if you select seven numbers, you would need to get 43% of your numbers right to break even.  Now if you choose 11 numbers, you only need 27% of your picks to be correct to break even.

Don’t waste your time picking seven, eight, nine or ten numbers because it makes more sense to have a strategy to pick eleven keno numbers – giving you up to a 63% better chance of making your money back.

If it’s your lucky day, you could cash out on a maximum eleven pick with a three thousand to one payout.

3.   Get in the groove by playing free play

Yes, keno is a simple game, you make some picks and if they get selected you win. The big tip to win keno is to know what gives you a better chance at choosing a winner, and there is no better way other than to practice!

Don’t practice with your real money though. Online casinos are a competitive industry, and many offer free play modes where you can use ‘fake’ money to try out a game to see if you enjoy it… Alternatively, you can use the free play option to find out all the little tricks and tips to get leverage for your big wins! Casinos like Planet7 Oz offer great free play options for keno games.

Get into the habit of always playing at least one game of free play every time you jump online to play keno games. Each keno game has differences in payouts, but you might find that the casino is under heavy traffic load and lagging, resulting in a game crash or resetting before finishing.

4.   Keep it legit

So far, we have top tips to win keno by practising, hitting the sweet spot and by picking the right games – offering optimal payouts. Our next tip to win keno is choosing the right casino!

Online gaming is in a grey area. And while the industry is regulated somewhat differently to physical casinos, there are still shady and unreliable online casinos that have no intention of letting you cash out – or at the least, placing your winnings behind unreasonable paywalls.

You can put these tips and your winning strategy to work and win at keno every time you play, but it doesn’t matter if you are playing with dodgy sites. That 500% match bonus means nothing to you if you never get to your money.

That’s why Planet 7 Oz is a great option for those looking to work on their winning strategy while playing keno for real money. Other reasons for registering a Planet 7 Oz account include:

  • We’re Australian-based
  • Reliable servers (so no impact from large traffic accessing the servers)
  • No stupid paywalls taking your money
  • Fair dinkum bonuses and promos (always giving out free chips!)
  • FREE PLAY! Try before you buy
  • Minimal marketing spam that some of the overseas-based casinos bring

5.   Pick consecutive and stubborn numbers

We’ve all been there before. You’ve picked your lucky number seven the last five games, and it didn’t show up once.

You decide to break up with your lucky number seven and the next three games – it gets selected! Murphy’s Law at its finest.

“Check back over game results to see what was selected the most and least.”

Keno picks are randomly generated numbers, but widespread adaption from players is to pick hot or consecutive numbers and to play with stubborn numbers that haven’t appeared for a while. Check back over game results to see what was selected the most and least.

So, to maximise your chance at winnings with this strategy, play games with back to back numbers.  Play with the heart of the cards, back yourself and support your picks to play more than one game with the same selection.

Interestingly, studies have been conducted in Germany and the UK that looked into the hot numbers in keno and the lotto. In Germany, the numbers 40, 37, 63, 21 and 35 were drawn five times more frequently than the numbers 9 and 50. Similiarly, In the UK, the number 44 had been drawn the most in their national lotto since its inception in 1994 (having been drawn 253 times in total), which makes you think – are random number generators really that random?

6.   Special and lucky numbers

You hear it all the time; your nan has played the same unique numbers in online keno and the lotto every Thursday at seniors’ night for the last thirty years. Nan is a real battler, and yep, you guessed it, her unique numbers are the birthdays of you and your siblings.

It might sound cliché, but it can work.

Think about numbers that you can relate to, or crack two birds with one stone and choose your anniversary date (my all-time favourite, thanks keno for always having my back!). Every player’s situation is different, but maybe your partner will be more open to your love for keno if you involve romantic dates or your children’s’ birthdays?

However, back to the point, in the United States, a woman from Atlanta, Georgia won half of the second largest lotto jackpot in USA history just by using her family’s birthday numbers.

There is a big system when it comes to picking lucky numbers. Throughout the world, different cultures and countries have their beliefs and views on numbers that are considered lucky or unlucky. In the USA, the number seven is deemed to be lucky because of its regular appearance in everyday life, as well as in biblical references and of course, David Beckham. China is the opposite end to this, and the number seven is unlucky because its pronunciation as the word ‘Qi’ means cheating or lying. Fun fact, the month of July is referred to as the “ghost month”.

Now you have the tips and strategy to win at Keno

Now that you know how to win at keno, use these 6 tips that actually work and boost your winnings today. Leave a comment with your top tip and share what your biggest win playing keno online has been.

Amelia Brown
After studying journalism for 3 years at University of Canberra, Amelia Brown went for a 2-year walkabout in Europe. After catching the travel bug, she decided to spend the rest of her life as a digital nomad, writing freelance articles from remote locations. She is a regular contributor to Planet 7 Oz and an enthusiastic online gamer.
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