Craps is one of the most exciting dice gambling games of all time. If you have not yet been exposed to the exciting world of playing craps and you haven’t played craps online, this is your chance.

With our complete guide you will learn to play craps online, with all the tips and tricks that you need to play both online, and at your local casino. More importantly, you will discover the best strategies to win playing craps.

Although craps is very popular in casinos across the world, many players are misinformed about the practical nature of playing craps online. There is also a misconception about how the rules and betting of craps fits with the fast-paced world of playing online gambling games.

Do you want to be let in on a little secret? Players with this mindset are wrong.

Often, these players are confused by the concepts of odds bets or betting on the pass line which is usually why they pass on playing craps online.

Playing craps online is very simple, and a load of fun! To show you this, you can use this simple guide to learn to play craps online including hot tips to play your first game and great suggestions on beginner-friendly online casinos, that are based right here in Australia!

What is craps

Finding a craps table in a casino is very easy, listen out and you will hear what sounds like supporters of a football team cheering and having a great time. That’s because craps is really exciting and more importantly, you have a great chance of winning some great money on every dice roll.

First, let us address the elephant in the room. No doubt the name is weird, but it has a history.

It is known today as craps, a simple and popular game where players bet on the outcome of each dice roll they make. The strange name was derived from its original name ‘crapaud’, which is the French word for ‘toad’.

In the early days of craps, the game was played on the floor and without the smooth felt table. This meant that players had to squat down to play – if you have read your share of kids’ stories or squatted down in this position before, you would recognise that this position gives a distinct toad-like appearance – hence the name!

Craps certainly has some history. Now, if you think it couldn’t get any weirder from there, strap into your seat. The game has a long history dating right back to the prominent Roman Empire. Although Roman soldiers did not have fancy dice to play with, they did carve little cubes from the knuckles of pigs – this is where the term, ‘rolling the bones’ came from.

Eventually, the game took France by storm as soldiers returned from the crusades; the French knew the game as ‘hasard’ which is derived from an Arabic game of ‘azzahr’ which means ‘the die’. Given the relative proximity throughout Europe, it was not long before the game of craps had migrated the Channel and made its way to England, where the game of ‘hazard’ quickly exploded in popularity.

From the foundations of the game’s mass popularity in England, it soon moved on to New Orleans and eventually further across the globe. Developing each time, changes were made to the game to make the outcomes fairer.

Changes were being made to the structure of the betting system, and in the form of the ‘Don’t Pass’ option back in 1865. From this amendment, the modern version of craps was born, and is still being played throughout casinos worldwide to this day.

With the evolution of the internet, craps took its place alongside the introduction of online casinos in the 1990s. During this time, craps went through another transformation to become a virtual game, opening the doors to a potentially massive audience of players who were wanting to experience the thrills of online gambling, and seeking big money pay days at the roll of a dice.

So, in today’s world, we have the luxury that we don’t have to play with carved pig knuckles; you can sit back on the couch and enjoy the wonderful game of craps from the comfort of your home or office.

How to play craps

The common issue with learning to play craps is that beginners are often intimidated by all the numbers, the special terms, and the wider variety of different bets that are available to players in craps.

Understandably, one sight of the tables like you find on Planet 7 Oz might make you steer clear from the craps tables. We have all been there, and it’s an expected response for new players. The tables do have a LOT of information on them, which is a lot to take in when learning to play craps.

Believe us when we tell you – it really isn’t a difficult game to pick up once you have a few key understandings under your belt.

Playing craps is easy. And with this quick guide, your craps skills will go from zero to hero, as easy as rolling a dice!

Enough with the puns, let’s not beat around the bush any further and get to the good part. Learning to play craps.

Learning to play the game of craps is as simple as understanding the three main rules and terms. These are the come-out roll, the ‘shooter’ and the three possible outcomes – natural, craps and point.

The come-out roll

Each round of betting when playing craps, starts with the come-out roll. This is also the first term that you want to get acquainted with when learning to play craps. This is the first roll of the dice, moreover, it’s the first roll of the dice after the previous round of betting is complete.

The Shooter

When playing craps, the player who throws the dice is called the ‘shooter’. What you need to do as the ‘shooter’ is to grab two dice and throw them onto the craps table. Now if you are playing craps online, it is as simple as pressing the ‘roll’ button on the screen.

The three outcomes

As you can see, the basic gameplay for craps is very simple.

Once the dice has been rolled by the shooter, and the numbers have been decided or shown on your screen (if playing online craps), there are three possible outcomes:

  1. Natural
  2. Craps
  3. Point

This is where the game of craps becomes very fun.


A natural is when the result of your roll is either a 7 or an 11. When you roll a natural – you win, and you get to roll the dice again.


This is where the dreaded “snake eyes” term comes from.  If you roll a 2, 3, or 12 you lose. But, the round is not over as you get to roll again.


A point is when you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.

When you are playing in a casino, the dealer would mark your point (the rolled number) on the table. When you are playing a game of craps online however, it is generally common that a small white button which says ‘on’ appears once the point is established.

Now that the point is set, you need to roll the dice once more and hope you’ll hit the same number again.

This combination does not need to be the same as your first roll. Your new roll can be any combination, and if the amount is the same as your point – you win.

Did you notice that a number was missing from the above sequence?

The number 7 was missing. This is because in the game of craps, the number 7 is not considered lucky at all. In this case, 7 is bad and if you roll a 7, you ‘seven-out’ which means that you lose and are out of the betting round.

These three outcomes are very straightforward; however, they are crucial things if you are learning to play craps. Your first plan must be understanding and remember these three rules so that you can go on to learning about the bets you can make when playing craps.

The table layout

If you have already looked at a craps table, either at a casino or online, you will have noticed that the table is not just dice and numbers. Don’t worry, the table may look confrontational, but each of the places on the table correlate with a bet type that you can place when playing craps.

After following this guide, you will know everything there is to playing craps and have all the knowledge for what bets to make and the harder ones worth avoiding.

Learning to bet in craps

Now this is where all the fun information comes into play. Get your pen and paper out as this is the stuff that can help you to win a lot of money!

These are the standard bets you can make when playing craps.

The Pass Bet

This is the fundamental bet in a game of craps, the Pass bet is known as the most common bet made by players at the beginning of every game of craps. A Pass bet is made on the Pass line during the come out roll, which is the first roll of the dice made in a game of craps.

On a Pass bet, if you roll a 7 or 11 you win even money. If you roll a 2, 3, or 12 you lose.  If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 you establish a ‘point’. If this happens, you get to roll the dice again until either the same ‘point’ number is hit – in which case you win even money. If you roll a 7, you lose.

Furthermore to the Pass bet, you can also place a Don’t Pass bet which means you are betting against the outcome of the dice roll, instead of with it. So, this means that if the come out roll is a 2 or 3 – you win, if the come out roll is a 7 or 11 – you lose, and a 12 is a push.

If you happen to roll any of the other numbers and set a ‘point’, you will continue rolling the dice until either a 7 is rolled – which means you win. If the ‘point’ number is rolled first – you lose.

This bet follows the similar rules to the Pass bet, and all wins pay even money.

The Come Bet

A Come bet has the same rules as the Pass bets, the only difference is that Come bets are only placed once a ‘point’ is set on the pass line.

Come bets are placed on the pass line on the come out roll. The first dice roll outcome will set the Come point. If the outcome of the dice roll is a 7 or 11 – the bet wins, while a 2, 3, or 12 are a loss.

Any other rolls of the dice will see you win if the ‘point’ is rolled before a 7. Now, if you roll a 7 before the ‘point’ number, you will lose.

Just like before, a Don’t Come bet is the opposite of a Come bet, with the bet being placed against the outcome of the dice roll once the ‘point’ has been set. Meaning if you roll a 7 first, you win; if you roll the ‘point’ number first, you lose.

The Field Bet

The Field bet is a simple bet which is placed on the corresponding section of the craps table. In this bet, you will be betting on the probability that the dice roll outcome will be a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.

Therefore, if any of these numbers are rolled, you win.

The Place Bet

The Place bet is a bet placed on a specific number being rolled prior to a seven being rolled. This means that if your number is rolled first, you will be a winner, but if the 7 is rolled, you lose.

The possible bets you can make with the Place bet are in the Place bet section on the table.  These possible number options for your bet are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10.

The payouts are different for each of these numbers. If you place a bet on the 6 and 8, the payout is 7:6. If bets are placed on the 5 and 9, the payout is 7:5, and bets placed on the 4 and 10, the payout is 9:5.

Now, if making a Place Bet to lose (like the Don’t Come bet) – you are betting on the opposite of a Place bet. This is where you are wanting to roll a 7 to be an instant winner. This is likely the most common bet you see being made while playing craps on TV shows or in movies – the player standing around with everyone awaiting their roll, hoping for a 7 and the cheers of everyone around.

The 6:8 Bet

This bet is very similar to the field bet, where the 6:8 bet allows you to bet on whether a 6 or 8 will be rolled.

On this bet though, the payout is for even money, whereas if you had wagered a Place bet on 6 or 8, the payout would be 7:6. Obviously making a Place bet would see you making more money at the end of the day.

The One Roll Bet

These are also known as Proposition Bets, which means a One Roll bet is a bet that can be resolved in a single throw of the dice.

These bets have their own betting space on the craps table. The most common types of One Roll bets you will find players making are Snake Eyes – which is two 1s. Ace Deuce is rolling a 2 and a 1. Boxcars are rolling a 12, and a Hi-Lo is rolling a 2 or a 12.

The Hardways Bet

The final craps bet that you should know about is the Hardways bet, and this bet is a difficult one.

When you play craps, you can either play the easy way or you can play the hard way. When you make a Hardways bet, you are placing a bet that either a 4, 6, 8, or 10 will be rolled as a pair – before being rolled as a non-pair.

So this means for example, a 4 rolled as a 3 and a 1 is known as an Easy Four, where as a 4 rolled as two 2s is known as a Hard Four.

In a Hardways bet on a 4, you are placing a bet that two 2s will be rolled before any other combination of 4 is rolled, and before a 7 is rolled too.

Well, are you feeling very hard yet?

Get the most bang for your buck by practicing online!

If this is your first foray into craps you should read this guide (check over it again if you need) and then practice playing craps online.

Now that you have an understanding of the different bets, their outcomes, and how to win each bet – you should get online and start practicing with fake money, and not go burning your real cash until you are completely confident in your knowledge and skills.

Don’t be turned off though, practicing online first is a common tip that many of the veteran players started with; it allowed them to play the game without risking their money or being embarrassed inside the casino.

These days online casinos are a big business draw card, and you can practice for as long or as little as you need. You might even find that you prefer to play craps online and like to take advantage of the wicked bonus offers and promotions that online casinos offer – just like this one.

Playing craps online has really great odds because the house edge is only about 1.41% – which is better than Roulette and Blackjack when played with a basic strategy! So, sign up, practice for free and when you are feeling confident – get stuck in and take advantage of those offers. You can really improve your chances of rolling in a sweet payout. Now that you have learned how to play craps and what is needed to know when it comes to how to win at craps, it’s time to go out and land a hot-hand with a sweet winning streak of your own. If you are feeling hard and keen to add a little more oomph to your bankroll, open a Planet 7 Oz casino account and claim your bonus today. But beware, playing craps online is adrenaline-packed and you may not be able to stop playing from the excitement!

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