When you think of roulette, it is common to envision high rollers and excitement. You see the table surrounded with the likes of James Bond among glamorous people living out the ultimate fantasy lifestyle, sipping fine liquor and winning millions on the red and black spinning wheel of fortune.

If we told you that you could quickly learn the winning strategies to step up amongst the elite, you’d probably say “ya dreaming”. With our top winning online Roulette strategies and bets, you will pick up the best tools to minimise risk while winning buckets of online Roulette dollars! Cliché, but it comes down to the numbers, and how you want to bet them.

Roulette is a random number game based on the chance that you can give yourself a better chance of winning big, by merely following our strategies to pick your bets, and how much you are betting. After reading our strategies, you will no longer need to rely on picking your lucky numbers or important dates to make your bets, which can work as part of a strategy – but it’s likely more a case of beginner’s luck. Now, if you want to win big and win more often, keep reading and score yourself a strategy worthy of James Bond himself.

Learn the basics to master the strategies

Starting things off with the basics – a Roulette wheel depends on the location you are playing in and consists of either 37 numbers for European-based Roulette, or 38 numbers for the American version of Roulette. Each of these numbers sits on either a red or black felt square, with half being red and the other half being black. Playing online Roulette here in Australia, you are more likely to encounter European Roulette which is the number 1 to 36 and joined by one single zero. For comparative sake, the American version adds an extra number to the group, that number being the double zero.

If you are struggling to see the relevance of the zero and double zeros, you are not alone. The zero(s) are often considered to be the house edge – a numerical advantage that attributes the online casino with a theoretical percentage of the profits it will make in the long run.

Whether you consider yourself a beginner or a seasoned player, our strategies will help put you on top. Like most great things in life, ensure you learn the basics and start small before going onto our bond level strategies.

KISS practice

Surely, you’ve heard this before – Keep It Simple Stupid – play online Roulette with this KISS mentality and focus on these quick and easy tips to get started.

Before you start betting real cash, practice with a few spins on free mode

Online casinos are always trying to lure in new players. Online roulette has one underrated feature similiar to online Pokies or playing online Keno. This not-to-miss feature is to there to help you make the most of the free play practice game mode!

These free spins will help settle you into a comfortable groove and can help you to spot the possible ‘hot streak’ – crushing hidden enemies like connection interruptions or player lag between the servers. By now, you have likely realised that Australia’s NBN is not the most reliable network when it comes to congestion and peak hour use. We can only hope that one day we are afforded reliable and high-speed internet connections to catch up with ‘most’ of the world.

Be smart, only gamble with what you can afford to lose

An old adage in the gambling world is to play smart by only playing with what you can realistically afford to lose.

The thrill of hitting a big payday can be a massive draw for some. However, you should always fall back to the same underlying rule.

“…Only play with money that you can afford to lose...”

Remember always to play online roulette responsibly. The moment your gaming habits start to risk your financial situation – take a step back and reach out!

Don’t shack up with a dodgy dealer!

Save yourself the heartache and be sure to research the reputable online casinos. Unfortunately, for every great online casino, there are two dodgy counterparts. 

What should I be looking for?

Your preference should be to play on exclusively Australian-based online casinos, such as Planet 7 Oz.

Not only is it an online casino focused on Australian players, they also invest heavily in the servers to host their games so that they are reliable and consistent. It should also be pointed out that Planet 7 Oz are top notch when it comes to rewarding players with massive bonus bets. If you are a fan of the online pokies, then you won’t want to miss out on scoring big time bonus spins for your next free hot press.

Understand the odds

The thing about Roulette is that you can make a lot of money by betting on one number, or you can win a small amount by betting on many numbers.

With the more numbers you bet, the more chances you have at winning, but you also have a higher risk of losing altogether. Many rookie players lose their cash by making simple mistakes such as selecting a specific number, without understanding the easier methods to win like hedging a bet on multiple numbers, or by playing the outside of the felt.

Before we dig into the felt and expose some details on the possible Roulette bets you can make, it is a good idea to know what all respective payouts are:

Bet Payout
Red or Black 1:1
Evens or Odds 1:1
Numbers 1 – 18 1:1
Numbers 19 – 36 1:1
Columns 2:1
Straight up 35:1
Splits 17:1
Zero 35:1

As you can see, there are indeed some great rewards to be had for making a more definitive number selection for your bet. With a winning Roulette strategy, you will find out how even a small stake of $10 can rake in a massive $350 jackpot.

Strategies for winning Roulette bets

The Martingale Strategy

Remember as we touched base on the green zero and double zero inclusion to Roulette? We can thank the Martingale Strategy as being the main reason for that inclusion.

If someone were to tell you that there exists a virtually 100% profitable strategy, which dates right back to the 18th century, you would have laughed. Provided your pockets are deep enough, today is the day you stop laughing, because the Martingale strategy is based on probability theory.

This strategy was introduced by a French mathematician called Paul Pierre Levy. It relies on the theory of mean reversion, so you will need a significant money supply to maintain positive results. 

In simple terms, the Martingale strategy relies on the concept of ‘doubling down’. For example, consider that you were betting on the flip of a coin and the result is heads, with a starting bet of $1 and the probability of an equal heads or tails outcome. When you see a failing bet, you double down on your previous bet and continue until you see a winning bet again.  Once you win, return to the starting $1 bet and repeat.

Your Bet Wager Bet Result Profit/Loss Profit/Loss
Heads $1 Heads $1 +$11
Heads $1 Tails -$1 +10
Heads $2 Tails -$2 +$8
Heads $4 Tails -$4 +$4
Heads $8 Tails -$8 -$4
Heads $16 Heads $16 +$12

What this means is that each flip of the coin prior, has no impact on the next flip. So as long as you maintain the same outcome (I.e. always bet heads), you will eventually see heads again and regain all of your losses, plus the starting bet of $1.

This strategy is based on the premise that you will only need one bet to turn your winnings around.

Betting on Red/Black, Evens/Odds, and 1-18/19-36

Roulette is unlike any other casino game. It is the only game that gives players an opportunity of almost 50/50 odds on a single bet. The red/black, evens/odds, or 1-18/19-36 bets give players a chance of picking almost half of the options on the wheel, which you can agree poses an excellent chance of winning.

This sounds too good to be true, but the downside is that the payout ratio is much lower. For these bets, you can earn yourself one to one winnings, so betting $10 will payout $10. Not as attractive in terms of big paydays but this bet is undoubtedly one of the safest and best roulette bets you can make.

When you start betting more substantial amounts, the reward begins to become more attractive in terms of gains but does bring higher risk.

Think of it this way; it is like trying to win back your bet on a coin flip.

Bets on columns

If 1:1 betting doesn’t get you going – ante up and take your betting up a notch by laying some chips on the felt for a 2:1. Betting on columns is considered the second-best Roulette bet in the game. Playing the outside, you can double your money while bringing the possible numbers down to almost a one-third chance.

So, a small bet at $10 can double down and earn $20.

What you need to remember when it comes to columns, is that each column does not contain consecutive numbers. For example, column one (or the first column) includes the numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25, 28 and 31. Each column also has a differing number of red and black numbers.

In the common Australian Roulette games (which is based on the European standard), the zero is not included and is represented as green – to claw back some house edge!

Hedge your bets with these nifty tricks

If you have studied the felt, you would have noticed two critical facts about the setup of the board.  The third column on the board is made up of eight red numbers and four black numbers.

Try guess what the second column might include? Yep, you guessed it – the second column is the opposite, consisting of eight black numbers and four red numbers. What this means is that our third best roulette bet gives you a chance at attempting to hedge your bets by being savvy.

If you bet on the red-filled third column ($10) and double your bet on the black felt ($20), you are giving yourself a high chance of either breaking even or making some safe but decent gains.

How does it work well if I am losing money on the opposite bet each time?”

Consider the third column; it has more red numbers than the other columns – therefore covering a large portion of the red section of the wheel.

At the same time, you are hedging a loss by betting on a black outcome, which also gives you just under half of the wheel.

The third column pays out winnings at 2:1, and the bets on black payout at 1:1 – therefore, your column bet should always be half of the black bet to ensure that you break even in all scenarios that don’t involve the green zero.

Are you still following?

So, when a red number shows up on the third column you win double your bet – but lose your black bet (which is the same amount) – so you are breaking even. This is the same when a number on black is selected; you win your bet on black but lose your column bet.

The beauty in this strategy is when a black number on the third column is selected – because you are winning both of your bets. This is where the strategy sets you ahead and gives you some decent payouts. With this method, you are hedging your bet by offsetting most of the risks and giving yourself a steady chance at scoring double wager payouts.

This also applies to the combination of second column and red felt bets, so be patient and consider sticking to this strategy for some big payouts if you land on a lucky streak.

No thrills, just straight up betting

Some of you may only see the returns and care more for the adrenaline that big payouts can give without being bothered about minimising or offsetting risks. If you are one of these players, your best bet is to try your luck at striking it big with a straight up roulette bet.

This is as the name suggests: pick a single number, cross your fingers, and hope that the powers that be are in your favour!

The risk on this bet is ridiculously high, thanks to the 1 in 37 or 2.7% chance of winning – but for some, the payouts are just too good. A measly $10 bet can return $350 with the 35:1 payout. This is also the only category that will include the zero and double zero numbers.

Still need some motivation? Consider this situation: you have $350 to play with, this means that you could technically play through 35 $10 bets consecutively until you are forced out of the game.  However, just one lucky win and you are up $350.

Split bets

Our last roulette bet follows on from the straight-up bet, but reduces the risk and the reward by about half. This is done by selecting two numbers to bet on, by placing your bet on the lines that connect the two numbers on the felt.

Your options can be horizontal or vertical, and the power of the payout drops to 1:17, but you now have a one in 18 chance at winning – far better than the straight-up bet chance.

The 5 best roulette strategy bets:

  1. Red/black, evens/odds, 1-18/19-36
  2. Columns
  3. Third column and black/ Second column and red
  4. Straight up bets
  5. Split bets

Put these winning roulette strategies to the test Now that you have the strategies and winning tips for online roulette – get out there and put them to the test. Don’t forget that even if you end up on a losing streak, there is always a way to get back on top.

Amelia Brown
After studying journalism for 3 years at University of Canberra, Amelia Brown went for a 2-year walkabout in Europe. After catching the travel bug, she decided to spend the rest of her life as a digital nomad, writing freelance articles from remote locations. She is a regular contributor to Planet 7 Oz and an enthusiastic online gamer.
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